In a significant development, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Shadrach Akindele, alongside the Management team, officiated the commissioning of a state-of-the-art automatic liquid packaging machine at the Redeemer’s University Business Ventures (RUN Business Ventures) on Friday, December 15, 2023.

During the commissioning ceremony, Prof. Akindele expressed his appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the staff members at the Consult. He further explained that using the automatic liquid packaging machine would create an educational opportunity for students volunteering at the venture, allowing them to learn practical skills while contributing to its operations. “The advanced technology would streamline operations and provide students with valuable skills through hands-on experience” he said.

Mr. Adepoju Adewunmi, the Manager of RUN Business Ventures, provided insight into the new machine’s capabilities. He revealed that the automatic liquid packaging machine can seal an impressive forty (40) water sachets in just one minute, this outweighs manual processes, enabling packagers to increase production output. According to him, introducing this cutting-edge technology aligns with Redeemer’s University’s commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment and equipping students with practical skills beyond the classroom. The automatic liquid packaging machine at RUN Business Ventures is poised to improve packaging operations, provide both efficiency gains and invaluable learning opportunities for the university community.

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