The pioneer chaplain of the Redeemer’s University was recently celebrated by the University staff as well as the Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators (ANUPA) RUN chapter and students as he retired from the services of the university.

Pastor Akosile who joined the university on April 2nd, 2007 served the university in various capacities including being the Chairman of the committee that composed the university anthem in 2007. He became the Director of Chaplaincy in 2022 and he served in that capacity till his retirement. Pastor Akosile’s tenure was marked not only by his spiritual leadership but also by the enduring generosity that defined his character.

The event was cloaked with an atmosphere of celebration as ANUPA RUN chapter joined in the chorus of admiration. Mrs. Mojisola Oje, the Registrar, spoke of Pastor Akosile’s thoughtful generosity. “Baba gives with much thoughtfulness,” she said. This captures the essence of his benevolent spirit.

The University Librarian, Dr. Adeleke who was also in attendance acknowledged Pastor Akosile as a ‘father figure’, The sentiment was echoed by other younger colleagues who highlighted the unique connection they shared despite the generational gap. According to Mr. Ademola Adedeji, “Despite the age difference between Baba and I,” he remarked, “we relate and gist about sports, drama, and other things. I want to thank you, sir, for this privilege.”

As the send-forth unfolded, various members of the university staff conveyed their heartfelt messages of appreciation. Each testimonial resonated with gratitude for Pastor Akosile’s impact on both individual lives and the university chapel. The collective sentiment expressed gratitude for his service to Redeemer’s University as a whole.

In response to the overwhelming goodwill messages, Pastor Akosile, with humility and gratitude, expressed his appreciation for the university’s show of love. He urged everyone present to continue serving the university with dedication, emphasizing the importance of considering their service as unto the Lord. His parting words underscored the significance of maintaining strong relationships with one another, reinforcing the sense of unity that defined his tenure.

As the curtains closed on this chapter of Pastor Samuel Akosile’s journey, the air was filled not only with the echoes of appreciation but also with the lasting impact of a man who had touched the lives of many. The send-forth was not just a farewell; it was a celebration of a legacy that would endure in the hearts and minds of the Redeemer’s University community.

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