Liberty University, a prominent faith-based institution in the United States of America, has expressed interest in establishing a strategic partnership with Redeemer’s University. The initiative was communicated during a courtesy visit to Redeemer’s University by representatives from Liberty University.

Professor Ben Kalu, M.D., a distinguished Professor of Biology and the Faculty Chair at Liberty University, led the delegation during the discussion with the Deans and Directors of Redeemer’s University to express their desire to establish a collaborative relationship between the two educational institutions.

Prof. Kalu underscored Liberty University’s steadfast commitment to its Christian foundation. He described the institution as “unapologetic” about its faith in Christ. This stance stands out in contemporary society, where such convictions often challenge established norms. He further reiterated the significance of Liberty University’s unwavering commitment to faith in an environment where the mention of ‘Christ’ is sometimes perceived as unsettling to the status quo. The proposed collaboration therefore seeks to break new ground in fostering understanding and cooperation between institutions with strong religious affiliations.

The focal point of the discourse centred around the proposal for an exchange program between the two universities. Professor Kalu asserted that such an initiative would facilitate academic exchange and serve as a bridge between the diverse cultural and educational backgrounds of both institutions.

The envisioned partnership aims to create a platform for collaborative research, faculty exchanges, and joint academic programs. As discussions progress, both Liberty University and Redeemer’s University are poised to explore avenues that will elevate their academic standing and contribute to the global discourse on the integration of faith in higher education.

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