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Foundation Programme

The Foundation programme has been designed to run intensively for one academic session to prepare candidates for external examination conducted by the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Boards (JUPEB). Successful candidates may proceed into the degree programmes of Redeemer’s University via the Direct-entry option into 200-Level.

Admission Requirement

Candidates must possess a minimum of five (5) credit passes in SSCE/GCE/NECO in relevant subjects at a sitting or two sittings.

Conditions for admission into 200 level direct entry degree programme on completion of the foundation

  • Candidates must obtain JAMB Direct Entry application form and choose Redeemer’s University.
  • Candidates can only be offered admission into 200 level for courses enrolled at Foundation Programme.
  • Candidates must pass all the subjects offered in the Foundation Programme at a satisfactory level
  • Candidates must obtain and submit the University admission form for Direct Entry.


JUPEB is the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board, with its headquarters in Lagos.

JUPEB was set up through a consortium of some Nigeria Universities to unify the admission process of partner institutions through their respective preliminary programmes.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to take examinations leading to the award of JUPEB’s Direct Entry Certificates, the candidate must have undergone an intensive academic work relevant to his/her proposed university course.

  • Each candidate must register, sit for Examinations and satisfy the Board in three subjects and a General Studies course relevant to the proposed course in any of the universities.
  • Each candidate is expected to take twelve (12) courses, six per semester, and a General Studies course.
  • Each subject is broken into four courses to be taken, two per semester, by the candidate. The results in all the courses are to be merged at the end of the second semester to obtain the candidate’s grade in that particular subject.
  • The general Studies for courses in each University Faculty will be based on relevant General courses suggested for that Faculty by each university.
  • The students upon completion of the programme will be issued certificates based on their level of performance which bear Letter Grades of A, B, C, D, E or F in each of the three subjects and General Studies Paper. For admission into each university, each candidate, in addition to passing the prescribed.

For admission into each university, each candidate, in addition to passing the prescribed JUPEB examinations for issuing the Direct Entry Certificates, must satisfy all other conditions as prescribed by his/her university of choice.


The duration of the Programme of courses for the Board’s Examination is a minimum of one academic session of two semesters.

Visit the JUPEB official website for more information:

Available Courses in Redeemer’s University

Candidates who meet the JUPEB requirements for admission may be admitted into 200 Level after successful completion of the Foundation Programme.

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