Vision Statement

“To be the foremost academic institution setting standards through continuous commitment to excellence geared towards making a transformative impact on society.”

Mission Statement

“To continuously impact the society through commitment to excellence in education, research, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and raising global leaders as change agents.”

Vision Strategy

Redeemer’s University will aim not only at academic excellence but high moral standards. Students will be encouraged to have the fear of the Lord and to shun drugs, cultism and violence. At the end of their courses in the university, the students will not only be technologically prepared for the future but will be God-fearing and humane citizens.

We have a vision for a better nation; a Nigeria of frank and candid academicians, dependable and honest artisans, God-fearing and faithful pastors, decent and law-abiding citizens, trustworthy and upright youths, caring and compassionate doctors, honourable and truthful politicians, open and sincere business community; and courageous and reliable public servants.

We have a vision for a country where judges are just and impartial; soldiers and police officers are compassionate and considerate; traditional rulers embody distinction, dignity and decorum; and bankers are honest and honourable.

We have a vision for a future generation of creative, innovative and inventive entrepreneurs. We want to mold a generation of kind, thoughtful and gentle adolescents who are motivated to build and sustain a better Nigeria where peace, justice, fairness and godliness reign. We are looking forward with optimism and intense anticipation for a Nigeria we can all defend, protect and be proud of.

We have a desire and an aspiration for a nation whose trust is in the Lord God Almighty. This is our vision at Redeemer’s University (RUN) where we want to build the future of Nigeria, today. Because you embody this vision, we are honoured and privileged to have you with us as our core partner, as we RUN with the vision for a better Nation.

The take-off campus is strategically and conveniently located at Ede, Osun State, in Ede South Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria.

RUN is not only about academics. The serene atmosphere offers a conducive environment for your spiritual and secular development, making you a total person.

Redeemer’s University (RUN) is the place where your hidden talents will be discovered, and your known talents fine-tuned so that you will become an embodiment of the gifted, brilliant, endowed and capable person who will go out to make Nigeria proud, uplift the African continent and make positive impact on the entire world.

On graduation from RUN, you will become a rock in which gems are embedded. These gems are the precious and prized characteristics of decency, honesty, humility, integrity, probity, uprightness, a tender and caring nature; in short, plain goodness.

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