History of the Alumni Association

Redeemer’s University Alumni Association (RUAA) started in 2009 with its pioneer members consisting of the first set to graduate from the prestigious Redeemer’s University. The association was established to keep in touch with the vision of the university in showing LIFE (Loyalty, Integrity, Faithfulness, and Excellence) in our spheres of influence.

The association consists of about 2,000 members and has had great leadership in its 13 years of establishment. The pioneering president of the association is Mr. Gbolabo Olaniwun. He was succeeded by Mr. ThankGod Ocheho who was succeeded by Mr Idowu Oloruntoba.

The association also has an administrative board which consists of all the alumni executives and representatives from each graduation set. This board is the highest policy making body of the association.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the association are:

  1. To foster good relationship between the members of the association and the university;
  2. To encourage members of the association to take active interest in the life of the university at all levels be it local, national and international;
  3. To assist in furthering the philosophy, aims and objectives of the university;
  4. To aid the university in its future development both in an advisory and financial capacity;
  5. To facilitate and support meetings and interactions among members of the association;
  6. To sponsor social and professional activities of the association;
  7. To serve as an official link of information between the university and the association;
  8. To cater for the legitimate interest of the association and its members; and to be committed to the advancement of the association and its members;
  9. To provide an avenue by which members might advise on policies on academics and other matters.



There shall be three categories of members which are:

  1. Regular Members
    • All graduates of Redeemer’s University
  2. Active Members
    • All members who have paid their dues up to date and also participate in the activities of the association. This entitles these members to all privileges including voting. Only active members may hold any office or position in the Association.
  3. Honorary Members
    The Honorary Members include:
    • the Vice-Chancellor of Redeemer’s University;
    • the Deans of the Colleges; and
    • such other persons who are not alumni of the university but have contributed immensely to the programmes of the association or the development of Redeemer’s University and on whom honorary memberships of the association have been conferred.

Any member who does not wish to be a member of the association ceases to be a member provided that person has informed the Registrar of Redeemer’s University and the Secretary of the association in writing.



The association has embarked on several projects to improve the alumni engagement, improve collaboration with the university and also cater to the welfare of its members.

  1. The RUAA cafeteria project: Over the years, the Alumni Association has sought ways of partnering with the university in modeling the institution as an edifice to be reckoned with as regards its modus operandi. Supporting students’ welfare is at the fore of our quest. Several engagements were held with the university management through the RUAA Executives on developmental projects that the Alumni Association can embark upon and it has been concluded that the Cafeteria project kick-off. The project is mutually beneficial to the university community and the alumni. The project will;
      • alleviate the burden of catering for the increasing number of students by the university
      • provide additional meal options to the students; and
      • provide a return on investment(ROI) for alumni investors as the project will generate a reasonable ROI over the investment horizon.

  2. Scholarship: As part of the ways of partnering with the university and also keying into the prophecy of the Visitor – Pastor E.A. Adeboye that there will come a time when the Alumni will be the ones paying the fees of all students in the university, the Alumni has a scholarship scheme that caters to students who have difficulty paying their fees. The association also gives awards at every convocation ceremony.



  • The Inheritance; an Angel Initiative by RUAA: In a bid to address the mandate of job creation for our members, we are proposing to commence an angel fund initiative called “The Inheritance”. It will help members of the Alumni to get funding to start-up new business lines or scale up an existing business. It will help to network members and keep everyone connected to the university’s vision of setting standards through a continuous commitment to excellence in entrepreneurship geared towards making a transformative impact on the society.


  • Weekly Prayer Meetings: The association has prayer meetings every Thursday on zoom.
  • Alumni Showcase: The Alumni showcase is a monthly live show put together to showcase our members who are doing well in their various fields. It is aired on the YouTube Channel of the association.
  • Let’s Connect: This is a monthly Instagram Live show where we connect and talk about various topics and educate ourselves.
  • Alumni Hangouts: We have yearly hangouts and gatherings where we have fun, relax and interact.
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