The Motto

The motto of Redeemer’s University is:


The vision is to be the foremost institution for producing graduates who combine academic excellence in the practice of their profession with God-fearing attributes. The proprietors are committed to the realisation of this dream.

Our Logo

The logo of the university includes a dove and an open book. The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit shining the light of knowledge on students of the university from all nations of the world.

The colours of the university are Blue, White, Green and Gold.

Blue represents the love of God which is shed abroad in our hearts and which binds all cadres of the university together irrespective of colour, class or creed.

White represents holiness and purity of thought, word and deed – essential ingredients of the peace that will exist at all times in the university.

Green signifies power, fruitfulness and progress.

Gold represents the colour of light and knowledge. Since knowledge gives power, the university exists to empower students to be fruitful in every facet of life and in making progress to take the nation to greater heights.

Redeemer’s University Anthem

The vision has been planted
With all our hearts set on high
For the truth we’ll always stand
In this great land far and wide
We are running day by day
With the vision we have seen
To change the world we are living in
As we are ablaze for God!

United a team we are
In Redeemer’s Varsity
Declaring to the whole world
What character’nd learning can do
We are building day by day
Taking charge with humble hearts
And onward pressing marching on
To change the world for God!

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