We have various scholarships here in Redeemer’s University geared towards improving and rewarding academic excellence among our students, as well as catering for their welfare.

Some of these scholarships can be applied for while others are endowed.

RCCG-RUN Scholarship

Our proprietor, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), annually offers scholarships to the children of its members, workers, and ministers who undertake undergraduate study here.

The scholarship is detailed as follows:
A. Full-time pastors with RCC number – N300,000.
B. Part-time pastors & ministers – N250,000.
C. Unordained ministers & workers – N200,000.
D. Members of the church – N150,000.
All parents wishing to benefit from this Scholarship Scheme must provide a letter each from;
1. The Pastor in Charge of Region.
2. The Pastor in Charge of Province.
3. The Pastor in charge of Zone/Area or Parish.
4. Scholarship Activation Fee receipt.
A sample of the letter (format) can be downloaded here. RCCG Scholarship Sample Letter

Due to the unprecedented increase in the number of applicants for the scheme, there is a need to ensure the sustainability of the scheme. One of such ways is the introduction of an “activation fee” of N10,000 payable by new entrants, as well as returning students who wish to continue to benefit from the scholarship scheme. This is on a sessional basis provided other conditions of renewal are met such as minimum CGPA, minimum attendance at church services, and good conduct among other conditions.


Applicants/beneficiaries who fail to pay this “scholarship activation fee” shall not be considered for processing of the scholarship by the RCCG mission and the relevant university apparatus as handled on a first come first serve basis. This fee shall be remitted into the coffers of the RCCG mission via a special payment link on the student portal.

RUN Scholars

In a bid to encourage scholarship among students, the university offers three (3) categories of scholarships to students who are academically outstanding.

  • Gold Scholars: 100% of the tuition fee is awarded to the best student in the faculty for the session.
  • Silver Scholars: 75% of the tuition fee is awarded to the second-best student in the faculty for the session.
  • Bronze Scholars: 50% of the tuition fee is awarded to the third-best student in the faculty for the session.

RUN Sports Scholarship

The university rewards participation in sports by giving scholarships to any student who wins a medal at any sporting competition.

  • Gold Medal: 100% Tuition
  • Silver Scholars: 75% Tuition
  • Bronze Scholars: 50% Tuition

Other Scholarships

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