Career Prospects

Nigeria as a country has not been adequately surveyed and mapped over the years. This has been partly due to the slow processes of the classical methods of surveying and the dearth of Surveyors.

There is also the need to contribute to the international efforts of determining the figure of the earth, study the dynamics of the crust, including land masses, ocean waters, and develop effective methods of data presentation including map making, digital automated cartography.

Modern development of satellite surveying, remote sensing, geographic information systems and land information management systems provide opportunities in various sectors of the national economy where graduates of Surveying and Geo-informatics are needed.

Opportunities exist for our graduates surveyors in the  Federal Ministry of Works, Housing, and Urban Development, Office of the Surveyor-General of the Federation and State counterpartsFederal Housing Authority (FHA) and state Housing Development Corporations, Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) and state counterparts, Water Corporations and River Basin Development Authorities, Nigerian Port Authorities, oil companies, Universities , polytechnics and other institutions of higher learning and marine resource agencies. 

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