Career Prospects

At the end of the B.Sc. programme in Architecture, our graduates will be adequately prepared to take on the Master’s degree mandatory for full professional registration/licensure by the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON). The degree also enhances cognate licensure by architecture regulatory bodies in any country of their choice. 

Graduates of the programme will be industry-ready to function well (both in the tropics and temperate environments) in a wide range of traditional built-environment areas such as: Architectural consultancy firms, project management firms, building construction companies, property development companies, landscape development firms, interior design firms and furniture companies. 

Building materials production companies with emphasis on paints, tiles, wall papers, dry-wall solutions, ceiling products, doors, windows, roof solutions regularly engage competent architects to drive their products and processes.

In contemporary times, a new vista of opportunities has opened for our architecture graduates both within and outside Nigeria some of which include 3D animation development, naval architecture, 3D printing technologies, Smart building systems development, architectural software development, environmental conservation agencies of the International bodies like the UN, UNESCO, etc

In Nigeria, government and institutions’ Physical Planning Departments, Federal and State Ministries of Housing and Urban Development, Universities Departments of Architecture, Property Financing Agencies like Mortgage and Commercial Banks, The Nigerian Armed Forces are all employers of architecture graduates. 

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