Career Prospects

Geophysics is a subject of natural science concerned with the physical processes and physical properties of the earth and its surrounding space environment, and the use of quantitative methods for their analysis.

Geophysicists are often employed by oil and gas companies and environmental agencies. As a geophysicist, you will study the physical aspects of the earth using a range of methods, including gravity, magnetic, electrical, and seismic.

By collecting data on seismic waves, which move through and around the earth, you will create a picture of what lies below the earth’s surface. This information is vitally important to the oil and gas industries. You will be responsible for controlling the quality of the seismic data collected and interpreting it to create maps of the build-up of hydrocarbons.

Geophysicists also provide environmental consultancy, for example, the investigation of landfill sites and underground water using geophysical techniques or may work within a research institute to investigate seismological structures and provide seismological information to the public and government.


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