I welcome you with great pleasure to the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Redeemer’s University.

The Faculty is home to the departments, namely Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences and Physical Sciences with embedded eight programmes  leading to the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degrees in Microbiology, Applied Biology and Genetics, Environmental Management and Toxicology,  Industrial Chemistry, 

Computer Science, Cyber Security, Industrial Mathematics, Statistics, Physics with Electronics, Applied Geophysics, Meteorology and Geology.

The curriculum of each programme has been carefully crafted to reflect the vision of the University. The postgraduate programmes are enriched with innovative research work and the driving force is the available state of the art equipment coupled with experienced staff members in the five Departments.

The Faculty has several landmark achievements that were recorded in the respective departmental papers. Science has always been a quest to understand nature and how everything works.

It is the engine that drives the modern world and its fundamental to everything we do. It has significantly impacted the society, economy, health and our technologically advanced life styles. To be a scientist, therefore, you should be curious, critical, logical, intelligent and innovative.

All these attributes are taken into account at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Redeemer’s University as we mould each and every one of our students to become the total graduate in science that he/she should be.

Professor Adeleke Osho

Professor and Dean

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