The Vice Chancellor, Professor Anthony Akinlo has congratulated the new executives on behalf of the management and thanked God for making it possible for them to be elected. Following the election that was held at the university on the new set of executives sworn in on Friday, 11th February 2022. Professor Akinlo said that it is not by coincidence that they have been elected to lead the student body now. “It is as ordained by God from the foundation just as Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1: 4 – 5, he was preordained to be a Prophet to the nations even before he was born,” he stressed. He added that they have been elected by God for a purpose and they must ensure that the purpose is accomplished because when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

He counseled the new executives, telling them that they must have goals and targets. He expressed his pleasure at the succinct address given by the president which was all encompassing. He told them that from now on, there are expectations from them and that is why everyone of them must work together with the management to ensure that the university not only maintains its ranking but even moves higher this year. He stated that this can be achieved by:

  • seeing ourselves as one and working together in unity; both the leaders and the management.
  • ensuring that we maintain peace in the university as nothing good comes out of a situation of chaos.
  •  not doing anything to destroy the goodwill of the university’s visitor, Pastor E.A. Adeboye and the entire Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He stated that it is their responsibility as leaders to make sure the students tow the line that will make for peace, progress and excellence in the university and their responsibility to relate with the management whatever issues the students raise so that the management will know how to address such issues. He told them that they must serve with diligence and the honor bestowed on them should not be abused. He said an abuse of the privilege can affect their destiny forever that is why it is imperative for them to serve with dignity. He advised that they serve committedly and not see the appointment as an avenue to make money because this kind of thinking leads to failure. He stated that there must be absolute transparency and accountability.

He encouraged them to always talk to the principal officers about every issue because they are open and will always listen. He said that there are bound to be challenges but the management has the interest of the students at heart, and this should be communicated to the students.

He asked that the team investigate the issue of drug abuse among the students. He said there must be serious awareness against such acts and everything humanly possible should be done to ensure that it is tamed so that the name of the university would not be tainted. The school has zero tolerance for such acts and whoever is caught will be asked to leave.

He ended by praying for them, that the Almighty God who has elected them will work with them and everything that they need to succeed will be given to them by God.

The new Executive and Legislative Councils led by the university’s legal adviser took the oath of office solemnly affirming to faithfully execute the duties of their various offices and to preserve, defend, protect, and promote the constitution of the association with the help of God and appended their signatures on the document provided.

The President of the Redeemer’s University Student Association, Ajisola Samuel in his speech, appreciated everyone for being in attendance and stated that it was an honor to stand before great men and women as the President of the Redeemer’s University Student Association. He announced that his tenure promises to be one characterized by dignity, diligence, obedience and support to the student and management of the university and to leave great legacies behind for others coming to follow. He further mentioned that he has learnt that a team only functions well when everyone is involved and so promised that the team will work together to make sure the university will continually carry the great name that it has now in Nigeria (the best private university in Nigeria). He stated that his team plans to ensure that we have the best student association in Nigeria. Samuel stated that he will be a president directed by God and not by man.

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