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Entrepreneurship, Solution to Youth Employment– Prof. Adepoju Adeleke
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(Middle) Prof. Adepoju Adeleke, Mrs. Adeleke and the management team during his inaugural lecture
(Middle) Prof. Adepoju Adeleke, Mrs. Adeleke and the management team during his inaugural lecture

Entrepreneurship,  Solution  to Youth Employment– Prof.  Adepoju  Adeleke

The 4th inaugural lecturer of the Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun State, Professor Adepoju  Adeleke, a  distinguished Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Economics and Business Studies has said that youth unemployment in Nigeria remains the most traumatic societal ill facing the country.

He asserted that the only solution to this menace is for the Nigerian government in collaboration with private organizations and universities to embark on entrepreneurship drive for social development and self-employment.

Speaking while delivering his inaugural lecture with the theme “Development by Choice and Prime in Performance: Entrepreneurship for Industrialization”, he emphasized the need for government and all stakeholders to prioritize change in orientation of Nigerians towards entrepreneurship.

“One of the major challenge confronting the Nigerian society today is mass unemployment across age, sex and state boundaries. One viable option for reducing unemployment is for people to develop entrepreneurial mentality and self-employment”

“Nigeria is better than Malaysia and Indonesia in terms of inherent opportunities for growth and availability of human capital, those countries are presently ahead of us because they embraced entrepreneurship in their developmental agenda".

Going further he explained that “Nigeria can develop without government running publicly owned enterprises like Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill”.  Entrepreneurship encourages individuals to be creative and come up with progressive initiatives to build a virile nation while government should major in providing enabling environment.

“The process of attaining enviable industrial and technological advancement has to be planned, premeditated and carefully assigned for implementation. There is need to revisit the National Education Policy of 6,3,3,4, especially, the aspect that emphasizes apprenticeship and vocational skill acquisition training so as to meet the Nigerian labour market needs".

“As a way to enhance the promotion of Entrepreneurship, the Nigerian government should introduce and entrench a National Entrepreneurship Week (NEW) into National event strategies, such as, lecture and other activities can be organized to support and increase the awareness for entrepreneurship development at all levels, region, state, community and organization”, he said.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Debo  Adeyewa, had called on government to create conducive environment for entrepreneurship to boost economic development of Nigeria. According to him, “Nigeria is not conducive enough for entrepreneurship, it is incumbent on the Federal Government to change the paradigm and create an environment that would be conducive”.

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