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Information on Mobile Smart Learning Platform for Students
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Mobile Smart Learning
Mobile Smart Learning

In preparation for relocation to its permanent site in 2014, the University decided to adopt cutting edge learning to enhance the quality of education received by students. This is in a bid to ensure that the University attains world-class status. It decided to take advantage of emerging technologies so that students could have value for money.  

Accordingly, it decided to acquire Samsung e-Learning interactive Boards for all its lecture rooms. These devices have been put to use since early 2015. The costs of acquiring the devices run into several millions of Naira. However, students were not getting the full benefit of the devices and the entire system was being under-utilized. In order to take full advantage and tap into the resources available on the customized e-Boards, students needed to have their own learning devices which could be synchronized with the boards so that they would fully participate in the learning process right in the class, receive their assignments and submit same via the device. This matter was taken to the Family Forum and considering the benefits, the Forum gave its blessing. Students were also engaged and finally gave their nod in early 2016. 

It is in this regard the University went ahead to order for the Samsung Learning Tabs for students. The devices come pre-loaded with educational and other learning software packages specifically synchronized with our e-Boards and customized for Redeemer’s University. 

The devices would have been acquired during the 2015/2016 academic session but this was delayed to give students and parents ample opportunity to prepare. In fact, students were members of the project steering committee. 

We wish to state that the devices have been procured and a bank loan had to be taken to fund the acquisition, indicative of the fact that the University is not asking students to acquire the devices to make gain. 

Accordingly, we wish to state as follows: 

1. The 2016/2017 academic session commences on 15th August, 2016 with arrival of both fresh and returning students.

2. Registration commences immediately while orientation for fresh students will run from Tuesday, 16th – Friday, 19th August, 2016.

3. Lectures are scheduled to commence on Monday, 22nd August, 2016.

4. Students who have paid either full or 60% of their fees for the new session are to resume accordingly.

5. Furthermore, those who have paid 60% of their fees but have not paid for the e-Learning Tab can also resume and the device would be issued to them upon resumption. However, they must produce an undertaking from their parents that they will be able to pay for at least 50% of the cost of the device (cost earlier provided) before the commencement of the First Semester examinations.

All Now Set for Mobile Smart Learning Experience 

All is now set for mobile learning and complete smart classroom experiences at Redeemer’s University with the completion of the 2nd phase of the mobile learning project, a project designed to improve learning experiences and outcomes in the University using latest teaching and learning technologies. 

Learning environment for today’s students has changed. Also, students’ learning patterns has changed. The 21st century student prefers to stay glued to a mobile device for most part of the day surfing from one site to another on the World Wide Web, exploring and interacting through many social networking sites. Thus, the adoption of e-learning and mobile learning devices and facilities for teaching and learning is the only way to go for any University that wants to operate at current global education trends. 

As part of the vision of the University to attain the status of a 21st Century Smart University Campus, the 1st Phase of the project, included the digitization of lecture classrooms through the deployment of state-of-the-art Samsung electronic boards in 2014 for every classroom. This project was fully sponsored by the University, even though the cost was huge.

The electronic boards were officially launched by Samsung in conjunction with Redeemer’s University on September 17th 2015 at the University premises. The installation of the electronic boards has completely changed the teaching patterns and experiences of the academic staff while the students are also having new learning experiences.  

The 2nd Phase of the project, which is the deployment of the students mobile learning tablet devices, was executed in conjunction with Samsung (hardware manufacturer), Softcom (EduSocial App) and Beecit Solutions (Samsung Partner). This phase is now fully completed and ready to hit the ground exactly at the commencement of the 2016/2017 academic session. These devices were loaded with special and customized educational applications. For example, the EduSocial is an educational app tightly integrated with customized Samsung mobile device with appropriate control to deliver a wholesome learning and collaboration experience for the student. It allows a student view classroom activities, class notes and enables the student collaborate with classmates.  Students can have direct access to library resources and eBooks on the GO and connect to all Learning platforms from one interface. Students can interact with peers and share. They can follow and initiate community blogs and conversations. From the groups module, students can create study groups, start class interactions and follow other groups on the Learning device. Furthermore, end-to-end management of student lifecycle, from admissions to transcript becomes very easy.  

Samsung KNOX for the Mobile Device Management takes care of the entire security of the system with Samsung Proprietary Military grade security software. It enables security, control and central management of all Samsung devices. It will facilitate remote software and application deployment, device tracking and security; and policy enforcement. 

Dedicated Support is fully available to the students and other users of these learning devices through the Care Centre, which is fully completed and functional.  

Finally, integration of these mobile learning devices with the existing electronic boards in the system together with these special educational applications will definitely change the entire learning paradigm at Redeemer’s University and put us at the forefront of modern teaching and learning experience and also at par with the very best in the e-learning world of today.

We wish our students a successful academic session! 


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