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Tribute to Professor Adeyewa @ 60
News > On Campus      |      Posted: February 26, 2017 19:37:47pm GMT |      Views: 1166
VC Birthday
VC Birthday

History will not forgive me if I do not pay tribute to the incumbent Vice-Chancellor of the Redeemer's University, Professor Zachariah Debo Adeyewa, who hails from Inisa, Osun State and who is also the Chairman of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Registrars of Nigerian Private Universities.

While I was confronted with the fact that this unassuming gentleman does not like anything that would bring self-aggrandizement and glorification, I also discovered that as part of the dictates of my office,  it is required of me to put on record my personal experience and perception of this unapologetic and addicted lover of Christ.

Out of my deep struggle not to violate one of the personal principles that my boss holds very dear, it dawned on me that it will be an aberration if at the moment of truth I fail to uncover a brand secret that has continued to shape many lives, not only in the body of Christ but also within the global educational landscape of which this country is a subset

Call him an erudite scholar and you will not be wrong, having been privileged to study Physics in two of the world's leading institutions: Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife and Uppsala University, Sweden. He has always attributed his success and ascendancy to the top of his career both as a seasoned academic and a university vice-chancellor to his Great Shepherd, the Almighty God. In the course of his career, he had opportunities to traverse many parts of the world.

His vast managerial and administrative skills were acquired through the dint of hard work as he rose through the ranks in the university system to become a two-term deputy vice-chancellor at the Federal University of Technology, Akure and later the vice-chancellor of Redeemer's University. Despite the numerous awards and accolades he has to his credit, he neither likes to flaunt nor talk about his personal achievements so that he can remain focused in fulfilling God's plan and mandate for his life.

Experience has taught me that different people hold different things dear to their hearts. My professional sojourn with the vice-chancellor reveals to me that these four things are dear to his heart: his relationship with God, his service to both God and humanity, his family and his personal values (or reputation).

Someone once described Mr. Vice-Chancellor as a coconut that looks tough outside but soft and sweet inside. For many people, who have had the privilege of walking with him or working under him, described him as an erudite scholar, seasoned administrator, a change-maker, coach par excellence, mentor, courageous leader, pastor, shepherd, prayer warrior, addicted lover of Christ, a loving husband, father and a community leader.

While it is true that there is a different between those that make headlines and those that make history, what stands history out is the fact  that it is not made by popularity contest but by solid contributions of the actors on the stage of life.

Let the whole world help me to thank God for this great gift as he clocked 60 years, recently.

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