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The Redeemer’s University ICT Academy provides a wide range of benefits for skills development. It is a worldwide programme designed to provide a range of resources to both students and training providers. It also an opportunity to demonstrate to students that they are learning within a quality controlled and guaranteed set of parameters.

The RUN ITC Academy is a world class program that enables academic learning institutions to connect the world of education to the world of work by enabling faculty and students to acquire new technology skills in an academic setting. RUN ICT Academy benefit from world class certification curriculum and cutting-edge software tools to experience real-world challenges in the classroom environment.
While other training providers take recourse to lectures, self-study, we believe in imparting training through highly interactive sessions, in a one-to-one non institutionalized set up.

Conducive to learning, the distraction free environment of the IT boot camp keeps you focused, helps you learn faster, promotes teamwork, and enhances your skills through hands-on learning. Tailor-made to help you learn thoroughly and quickly, this certification ensures returns from your investment straight after completion of the course.



RUN IT Academy provides:
Intensive group instruction
One-on-one undivided expert attention
Hands-on labs
Lab partner and group exercises
Question and answer exercises
Independent study
High-tech educational facilities
Complete courseware
Certification Training


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