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Centre For Enterpreneurship Development

The Redeemer’s University has established a Centre for Entrepreneurship Development to be known and called the “Redeemer’s University Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies (RUNCEDS)” with vocational and skill acquisition sections. This document describes the activities and programmes of the centre.

The Vision of the Centre
From inception, the proprietors of the university had envisaged that graduates of the university would be self-reliant, job creators and not job-seekers. The vision of the centre is therefore to empower the university graduates entrepreneurially so as to make them productive and be  economically self dependent, as well as be able to contribute significantly to national economic development process.

The Mission of the Centre
The mission of the centre is to inculcate in the students, the spirit of self- reliance, entrepreneurship, and learning-by-doing, all of which promote good citizenry in nation building.

Objectives and Goals of the Centre
It is noted that the primary goal of the university is the production of nationally relevant, globally competitive, intellectually equipped and self-reliant graduates. Therefore, the overall objectives of the centre is to provide theoretical, practical and real life work experience for all students of the university, so as to enable them develop the entrepreneurial talents and capacity in business and enterprise engagement and for self-employment. The centre is also designed to attain other objectives including the facilitation of practicalization of inventions and innovative ideas which will generate from the process of research within and outside the university.

Specifically, the centre will assist the students to:
a) Acquire the knowledge and theoretical perspectives of entrepreneurship
b) Acquire and master at least one vocation that will guarantee self-reliance such that they will be job creators and not job seekers.
c) Develop the necessary awareness, understanding and appreciation of the environment where they operate.
d) Inculcate in them the spirit of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, learning-by-doing; all of which promote good citizenry in nation building.
e) Become first-rate and world-class graduates imbued with the capacity to make increasingly useful contributions to global development in general, and that of Nigeria and its constituent communities/societies in particular.

Activities at the Centre
The Centre is the coordinating unit of all activities related to entrepreneurship development in the University.  It will also serve as the liaising agent between the University and the public in all matters pertaining to entrepreneurship development.  

Specifically, the centre will perform the following functions:
(a) Coordinating and teaching the theoretical perspectives on entrepreneurship;
(b) Arrangements and allocation of lecturers for the teaching of the course on entrepreneurship;
(c) Placement of students for training at the business units and the vocational skills acquisition section;
(d) Coordination of training skill acquisition and practical demonstration in selected vocations;
(e) Coordination of public impact and capacity building initiatives at all levels;
(f) Providing advisory services on enterprise development and strategies for successful performance of the concerned enterprise;
(g) Coordination of commercialization, sub-contracting production, joint venturing for training and staff technical skill development;
(h) Stimulating the development and growth of entrepreneurship in Nigeria through workshop, seminars or conferences;
(i) Publication of works  on entrepreneurship in RUNCEDS Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development;
(j) Any other functions related to entrepreneurship development.



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Director, RUNCEDS

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