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Directorate Of Works And Physical Planning

The Director of works and physical planning is the head of the Directorate, in his absence the Deputy Director of Works and physical planning takes over his responsibility. The Department is presently headed by a Deputy Director of Works in the person of Arc Nzefili Kenneth .E. There are five (5N0) Units in the Directorate Namely: Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Architecture, Mechanical, & Electrical Engineering and Transport Units. Each of these units has workers responsible for carrying out the day to day activities of the respective unit.

The Physical planning section of the directorate is presently manned by all the professionals in the works department otherwise we would have had a Sixth unite which would have been headed by a town and regional planner

Directorate of works and physical planning, is the Technical arm of the university, it is responsible f or the maintenance of all university facilities. The Department is equipped with seasoned Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Technicians and craftsman; and so are involved in building designs, costing/estimation for proposed projects, installation and supervision of on -going projects; coordination of  routine maintenance servicing  and repairs of generators, Air-conditioners, Vehicles etc. Where Contracts are awarded to external bodies; the Department is saddled with the responsibilities for the supervision of the works.



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