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Research Policies

Emphasis are given to interdisciplinary research. Cross-functional areas of research are given priority.

All academic staff are encouraged to undertake research within their areas of discipline. Research are focus on relevance to the socio-political economy of the nation. Particular attention are given to the application of new research tools and techniques to the local environment.

The University foster links and collaboration with local and foreign research institutions. Faculty are encouraged to participate in joint research projects with colleagues from other universities. Attendance at international conferences and professional workshops are encouraged and supported.

Interaction of faculty and industry are sought to identify problem areas requiring research and development. Research results, particularly those that can be commercialised, are disseminated to the business community and to interested institutions through various publications and extension services of the University.

The University search for grants to support research activities of the faculty. The University are especially active in seeking the support of the productive sector for specific research projects.

The University operate a modern library equipped with relevant and up-to-date books, journals, and Internet-ready computers to facilitate research of faculty members.

Research and publications that contribute to knowledge and practice of the profession are made an important criterion for promotion of faculty in the University.

The university lay great emphasis on training of students in research and research methodology to equip them with tools for defining and solving problems in their disciplines.

For effective supervision of students, only lecturers with a Ph.D. degree are normally assigned Ph.D. students for supervision. Lecturers who do not have PhD degree but have considerable industrial, professional, and academic experience may also be assigned Ph.D students. In all cases the number of students assigned to a lecturer are not normally exceed four.

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