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Social Life in RUN

The Students’ Association
Redeemer’s University Students’ Association (RUNSA) is the membership organization of all students at the Redeemer's University. The Association is a platform for good communication among the University authorities, the University community and the entire student body in an atmosphere devoid of rancour and bickering. It is a young association that was inaugurated in 2006 as a wide student forum for expression and exchange of students' views and opinions. Since it was formed, students' representation and student-led activities have grown.

The Association is concerned about issues affecting students especially those relating to their welfare. It consists of an elected executive
and legislative council. Apart from its main body, there are other academic associations and social clubs which activities are co-ordinated by the main students' body.

S p o r t
Currently, at the take-off site of the University , sporting facilities for football, volleyball and basketball etc. are available. RUN encourages active participation in sports and recreation as the University engages in annual intercollegiate sporting competitions, especially, in Football and Athletics. A comprehensive sporting complex will be developed at the permanent site.

Arts and Music on Campus
The RUN Troupe is the Repertory Theatre of the Redeemer's University established for the sole purpose of staging constant theatrical performances within the University. Membership cuts across the entire University and its environs. There are opportunities to explore and display talents in acting, dancing, singing, playwriting, directing, costuming among others.

The Troupe, managed by the Theatre Arts department has produced plays, musical and dance productions with global themes and what better channel to discover your innate talent than to join the RUN Troupe where prior skill in these areas is not a criterion!

There are all year round activities to which staff and students are invited to participate. These activities include: plays, Easter Cantata and Christmas Carol etc. The Arts Theatre is equipped with facilities including: a Dance Studio conducive for the development of kinesiology, a suitable Music Studio, an ICT enabled Media Studio and a modest Arts Theatre.

Rehearsing and performing in RUN cannot be anything but worthwhile.



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