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Why Redeemer's University?

The Redeemer’s University is peculiar in many respects

One of our peculiarities is the fact that it was borne out of prophecy. It is therefore a place for preparing young men and women to fulfill their God-given destinies.

In Redeemer's University your hidden talents will be discovered, and  your  known  talents  fine-tuned, so that you will become an embodiment of the gifted, brilliant, endowed  and  capable  person, who will go out to positively impact the entire world.

On completion of your study at Redeemer’s University, you are armed with tools that will make you become a successful and responsible citizen of the world, a catalyst for the global socioeconomic transformation and a sought after and respected individual. Graduating from Redeemer’s University makes you a rock in which precious and prized gems are embedded. These gems are the qualities of decency, honesty, humility, integrity, probity, tender caring nature, and uprightness.

At the Redeemer’s University we dare to be positively different, our degrees are awarded on the pedigree of LIFE (Loyalty; Integrity; Faithfulness; Excellence). In our few years of existence, our graduates have continued to make us proud in their various fields of endeavour.

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