Redeemer's University colleges
Academic staff at Redeemer's University are divided into undergraduate and postgraduate colleges. Our colleges offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, plus undertakes research activities in their respective areas:
College of Humanities

Welcome message from Dean
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the College of Humanities, Redeemer's University. This website highlights the excellent academic services available in the College. It guides a visitor in navigating the various constituent departments. This high-profile college comprises three accredited departments: English; History and International Relations; and Theatre Arts. Established in 2005 as one of the pioneer colleges, the College of Humanities is dedicated to learning, research and teaching. By promoting general and practical education, it produces young men and women worthy in character and learning to meet the needs of the world of today. Every member of the faculty contributes significantly to actualize the corporate goal of the university. 

Generally, our methodology includes contextualizing debates within Africa and global experiences and creating an awareness of the factors affecting representation and cultural production. We also equip students with the skills and understanding needed to read critically and communicate effectively; facilitate interaction between students and lecturers in small-group or seminar classes; and encourage and enable students to become independent learners, with the ability to access library and on-line resources and develop research projects. 

The expansive and critical training in the Humanities prepares graduates of our programmes to work in diverse spheres of human activities such as Teaching, Publishing, Mass Communication, Industry, Banking, Finance, Diplomacy, Acting/Directing, and Theatre Arts Design/Technology, and Production. 

We appreciate your visit to our website and hope that you will contact us with questions you may have about our undergraduate programmes.

Prof. Edmund Bamiro
Dean, College of Humanities

College of Management Sciences

Welcome message from Dean

It is with great joy and excitement that I welcome you to the College of Management Sciences, Redeemer’s University website.  It is a unique opportunity for you to study in this college.

College of Management Sciences is the largest college in this University that runs a fourteen degree programmes from seven different Departments. They are: Department of Behavioural Studies (B.Sc. Psychology, B.Sc. Sociology and B.Sc. Social Work), Department of Economic and Business Studies (B.Sc. Economic, B.Sc. Business Administration and B.Sc. Marketing) Department of Financial Studies (B.Sc. Accounting, B.Sc. Actuarial Sciences, B.Sc. Banking and Finance and B.Sc. Insurance) Department of Mass communication (B.Sc. Mass communication), Department of Political Science (B.Sc. Political Sciences) and Department of Transport and Tourism Studies ( B.Sc. Tourism and B.Sc. Transport and Logistics ). The college also offers postgraduate degrees –M.Sc and PhD - in the Department of Behavioural Studies.

Our degrees are awarded on the pedigree of LIFE which stands for Loyalty, Integrity, Faithfulness and Excellence; these among other factors make the graduates of Redeemer’s University ready targets for employment by various Industries, Organizations and other employers of labour.

I am honored to inform you that all these degree programmes are fully accredited by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC) and some other relevant professional bodies, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics Management, Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) etc.  The College is fully running with the vision and mission of the Redeemer's University “To provide a future generation of God-fearing, creative, innovative leaders and inventive entrepreneurs motivated and equipped to build and sustain a better Nigeria and a better world”.

I sincerely wish you all the best as you go through our web pages and make your choice to partner with us in the College of Management Sciences.

Professor Ebenezer Olutope Akinnawo
Dean, College of Management Sciences


College of Natural Sciences

Welcome message from Dean

I am pleased to welcome you to the College of Natural Sciences, Redeemer’s University and to our website which I hope you will find informative. The Redeemer’s University (RUN) is a faith-based private university owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God and located at km 46 along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway in South-Western Nigeria. The University was established in 2005 with three (3) Colleges which included the College of Natural and Basic Medical Sciences. In 2012/2013 session the College of Postgraduate Studies was established in the University with two of our Departments, Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences, commencing postgraduate programmes to PhD.

Our College is home to four departments, namely: Biological, Chemical, Mathematical and Physical Sciences which altogether mount nine (9) programmes leading to the award of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degrees in Microbiology, Applied Biology and Genetics, Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Pure Chemistry, Industrial Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics and Physics with Electronics. The curriculum of each programme has been carefully crafted to reflect the vision of the University which is “To provide a future generation of God-fearing, creative, innovative and inventive entrepreneurs motivated to build and sustain a better Nigeria and a better world”.  Our first set of Masters’ and Doctoral students were admitted to the Departments of Biological and Physical Sciences in 2013/14 session, thus began a new era of innovative research in the College.

Science has always been a quest to understand nature and how everything works. It is the engine that drives our modern world and is fundamental to everything we do. It has significantly impacted our society, economy, health and our technologically advanced life styles. To be a scientist, therefore, you should be curious, critical, logical, intelligent and innovative. All these attributes are taken into account at the College of Natural and Basic Medical Sciences, Redeemer’s University as we mould each and every one of our students to become the total graduate in science that he/she should be.

World-wide, academic research in the physical, chemical and biological sciences has vastly broadened the horizons of mankind giving us a deep insight into the structure of matter and of the universe. It has also brought better understanding of the nature of life and its complexities. Technology, the application of science has made fantastic advances that have affected us beneficially in nearly every aspect of life: better health, more wealth, less drudgery and greater access to information. On this premise, the vision of Redeemer's University is to make the College of Natural and Basic Medical Sciences a centre of excellence in the various disciplines offered by the College.

Two landmark achievements were recorded by our College during 2013/14 session.  Redeemer’s University, our College, and in particular, our Department of Biological Sciences, has made Nigeria proud by emerging the best rated university selected from West and Central Africa in the bid for the establishment of African Centre of Excellence in different research fields to be funded by the World Bank.  At the end of the bid Redeemers University was declared an African Centre of Excellence in Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID).  This recognition opens up a whole range of opportunities for capacity building in Genomics from undergraduate to post-doctoral levels of studies.  The same Department won a $1.54 million research grant to be dispensed over the next four years to support research and training of Africans in the field of Genomics and building scientific infrastructure under the Human, Hereditary and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Programme which is funded by a partnership between the United States National Institutes of Health and the United Kingdom’s Wellcome Trust.

The NUC will be visiting our University during 2013/14 session to assess our facilities for the take off of postgraduate programmes in the Departments of Chemical Sciences and Mathematical Sciences. This development is an eloquent attestation to the high standard that the College has been able to build within its short life.  It offers you to start your undergraduate studies at RUN and continue to the highest level attainable (PhD) in any academic institution in an atmosphere where your rights as a student is respected and protected.
May be you are contemplating pursuing a career in the sciences and you have some doubts about your ability, I request you to answer the following questions:

• Do you have an inquisitive mind?
• Are you fascinated by how things work?
• Are you excited at new discoveries?
• Do you enjoy facing challenges and finding solution to problems?
• Do you have a flair for the Sciences?
• Would you want to make a name in science like many Nigerians at home and abroad?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are a prospective science student and the type we want to enrol in our science programmes and nurture to maturity.

Why study Science at Redeemer’s University?

Below are 10 reasons why you should study science at Redeemer’s University

• As a private university we run a stable, uninterrupted academic calendar.
• Among private universities, we are the cheapest, yet with the highest standard.
• We have a crop of experienced, dedicated and approachable lecturers to stimulate your learning to greater heights.
• Our staff/student ratio is very low (1 staff to 7 students) which enables us to closely monitor each student’s progress, weakness and other challenges for effective counselling.
• We expose our students to cutting edge science in our state-of-the-art laboratories.
• The curriculum of each programme is both staff and student friendly, thus making you to achieve more.
• Financial support is available to proven, indigent but brilliant and focused students.
• We provide good living conditions and a conducive academic environment.
• Here at Redeemer’s University, academic pursuit is reinforced with the fear of God
• The totality of our training is based on the pedigree of LIFE which stands for Loyalty, Integrity, Faithfulness and Excellence such that graduates of Redeemer’s University have today become ready targets for employment by various industries, organizations and other employers of labour.
• As much as we are willing to give you the best all round education, Redeemer’s University, by virtue of its vision and mission, and its mandate, cannot condone immorality and any unacceptable behaviour, under any guise.

I am confident that you will be excited by the range and depth of the B.Sc. degree programmes offered by our College of Natural and Basic Medical Sciences and the prospect of continuing your studies to the highest level attainable under our postgraduate programmes.
Our facilities for teaching and research is among the best available anywhere in Nigeria.  We are in the process of acquiring a state-of-the-art High Pressure Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry facility at over N25 million in the current year to boost our innovative research facilities.

Come over to Redeemer’s University for an exciting, enriching and rewarding experience as we equip you to face the future.

Professor Timothy Bamiduro
Dean, College of Natural and Basic Medical Sciences 

College Of Postgraduate Studies

Redeemer’s University is a world class teaching and research institution with well equipped and functional facilities across disciplines,  particularly, in the Humanities, Social and Management Sciences, and Natural Sciences. The standard of our faculties attest to the recent World Bank Grant Won by the university to fund the establishment of the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID).

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into our full-time postgraduate programmes. We appreciate your visit to our website and hope that you will contact us soon with any question about our programmes.


Prof. Christian Happi

Dean, College of Postgraduate Studies