Department of History and international relations

Welcome message from Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of History and International Relations.  The department offers B. A. Honours Degree in History and International Relations, which is more like the combined honours in the British system or double majors in Canada and USA.

The philosophy of the department is to give broadly based liberal education in History and International Relations.  All our students are also expected to have a solid knowledge of French and by the time they leave the university, they should be reasonably bilingual in English and French.

Thirdly, our students’ knowledge of history makes it easy for them to understand and study International Relations.  We provide a media centre where our students can key in into global affairs and discussions on the major networks such as BBC, CNN, Aljazeera and major programmes available on the international media.

Students are taught by distinguished Professors who have made great marks in their own academic careers as well as by young enterprising academic members of the faculty.


Dr. Femi Adegbulu
Head, Department of History and International Relations


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History And International Relations Undergraduate Programmes
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