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Welcome heartily to the Department of Theatre and Film Studies where new and exciting things happen all the time.

The Department offers both graduate and Post-graduate courses to interested candidates; the B.A (Hons) Degree has two options namely:

B.A. (Hons) Theatre Arts

B.A (Hons) Film Studies

Both options are practice-oriented making our programmes world class and relevant enough to compete favourably with any other Theatre and Film Studies Department within or outside Nigeria. The Film Studies option aims to aid systematic study of cinema and film based on key concepts, terms and issues that have informed the study and criticism of film. Our courses are geared towards developing an understanding of preproduction, production and post-production techniques, learning how theatre and productions films communicate, the types made, and how the industry functions in terms of ownership, control, finance, marketing and exhibition. These options also focuses within three (3) inter-related areas, namely; industry, text and audience, taking advantage of new media and technologies to enable our graduates to go beyond just being Nollywood stars, but also using these media/technologies to reach a wider audience, thereby fulfilling its role in the enlarging global social media and networking process.


Dr. Comfort Awoyemi
Head, Department of  Theatre Arts and Film Studies

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