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Redeemer's University Admission Fraud Alert
News > Useful Information      |      Posted: April 28, 2014 04:31:41am GMT |      Views: 5246
Redeemer's University
Redeemer's University

Disclaimer! Disclaimer!! Disclaimers!!!

This is to notify the general public that some fraudsters have been perpetrating admission fraud against the Redeemer's university. The fraudsters have been using different pseudo names on an unauthorized website: and with phone number: 08105007314 to deceive unsuspecting prospective admission seekers.

Redeemer's University has neither commissioned nor designated any person or group of persons as its admission agent(s). In addition, the university does not collect cash or sell admission forms through any individual. Any person who patronizes them does that at his/her own risk.

All admission correspondences, therefore, should be done through only. You can send your queries or enquiries to either: or



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