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Passionate Process Owners with the UNIDO Consultant, Dr. Franklyn Akinyosoye
Passionate Process Owners with the UNIDO Consultant, Dr. Franklyn Akinyosoye

No one ever thought that an exercise that started like a normal registration  could turn out to be an institutional changing event. To many staff that took part in the exercise, the event was an eye-opener.
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Debo Adeyewa had earlier set the ball rolling by working with some staff  to meet the entry requirements for the institutional participation in the United Nations industrial Development Organisation(UNIDO)  National Quality Award. The enthusiasm displayed by the Vice-Chancellor made many  staff to wonder what the award was all about.
From the first meeting with the various heads of departments to the town hall meeting with all the staff at the University Auditorium, everybody was well sensitized on the need to get ready. For the first time in the history of the university, every department got all their undocumented activities documented within few days to the event.
I have never seen in all my entire career a group of people working day and night to produce one of the best strategic blueprint from an internally organised strategic conferencing upon which new direction for a prosperous and vibrant organization would be built.
Even though consecutive generations of staff of this prestigious university had worked without considering the need to document various milestones and activities that served as the fulcrum on which her successes had been built. The exercise revealed that  for an organisation to be truly successful there is a critical need for all its processes to be well documented.  The National Quality Award Assessment has brought to the fore the need to put in place processes and procedures that have been well documented in order to enhance continuity even when the process owner is absent.
According to the UNIDO Consultant, Dr. Franklyn Akinyosoye who was also the chief assessor for the national quality award assessment " the reason for the inability of corporations in Nigeria to compete outside the country was because they lack internationally accepted quality which could be seen from their lack of processes.
The assessment exercise has become a major watershed in the history of  the Redeemer's University and to a great extent would continue to impact positively on its operations for a long time to come. When next  you hear somebody using words like Passionate Process Owner, Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) and other related terms don't let those words come to you as a surprise. Those words were acquired in the course of the strategic conferencing that preceded the UNIDO National Quality Assessment,recently.

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