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The Revised University Regulations On Registration For Courses
News > Useful Information      |      Posted: December 27, 2013 16:12:44pm GMT |      Views: 8227

The University Management has decided to revise the regulations on registration for courses, as follows:  

“Registration for courses takes place in the first week of a given semester. Students who cannot meet this deadline are allowed to do late registration on the payment of a sum of N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) only, between the second and third week of the first semester and between the third day and third week of the second semester. However, students who might be unable to pay their fees by the end of the late registration period will be required to pay N500.00 (Five Hundred Naira) only per week in addition to the late registration fee.

In addition to the foregoing, all students are to note that applications for deferred payment of school fees can be tendered on account of inability to pay at the appropriate time, for consideration and approval, strictly within the registration period.

Failure to complete the registration within the stipulated period would be regarded as absence from the University for a whole semester, and the penalty is withdrawal from the University”.

Fundamentally, for a student to meet the stipulated requirement of 80% attendance at lectures and tutorials to write the examination for a course, he/she must have registered and attended classes for the course, for at least eleven (11) of the fourteen (14) weeks of lectures.


Please note that the above regulations will be strictly enforced as from the first semester of the 2013/2014 academic session. The University authority will no longer bend its rules for any student who refuses to comply with the regulations.




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