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Address By the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Debo Adeyewa During the 2015 Alumni Reunion of Redeemer's University on Sunday 19th April, 2015
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Members of the  Alumni of the University with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor,Professor Kayode Adekeye and former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oyewale Tomori, at the 2015 Alumni Reunion in Lagos
Members of the Alumni of the University with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor,Professor Kayode Adekeye and former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oyewale Tomori, at the 2015 Alumni Reunion in Lagos

Great Institutions Are Built By Great Alumni Bodies

On behalf of the entire University, I want to thank the alumni of this great citadel of learning for all that they have done to sustain the image, reputation and the founding philosophy that have made this institution what it is today. Words can neither express nor show the depth of  my appreciation to the alumni for their understanding and cooperation  towards making the relocation of this prestigious institution a reality.

Your  sacrifice as a body  to encourage other strategic stakeholders during the relocation of your University to its permanent site had made it possible for us to stand here to say a big thank you to every member of your association. I also want to recognize the contributions of  everybody who worked  secretly and in public to realize this dream. This project is a work in progress.

It is noteworthy that within a space of two years that we carried out the sod turning at the  permanent site, we have been able to move in as a university due to the sacrificial giving and uncommon financial commitment of our Visitor, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, who is our number one financial supporter and strong believer in Redeemer's University project.

Our daddy, in spite of his global financial commitment to the gospel  has never failed to generously support this citadel of learning in fulfilling  the role that destiny has bequeathed on her at this special moment in our national development.

Kindly recall that this university played a pivotal role in safeguarding the health of this nation during  the Ebola episode. We have received commendations from the Federal Government  and international health agencies for our role in curbing the highly dreaded infectious disease from becoming a national catastrophe.

In spite of our leading other prestigious universities in Sub-Saharan  and East Africa to win World Bank-African Centre of Excellence for Genomic of Infectious Diseases and other prestigious awards, we have a tradition of not blowing our trumpet in order to focus on the things ahead.

Our desire is that in no distant future this university will through research innovation  produce the Nobel  Laureate winner in Science. This feat is achievable if only if we can continue to work  towards giving our best and  judiciously using the available resources to foster research activities that could produce scientific breakthroughs  to solve some of  the world's  major contemporary problems.

Let me say this that our history as a university allows us to start small and grow big. We have never been afraid of starting small. The messages of personal narrative of our proprietors have always been the stories of a generation of faithful Christians whom  God called out of nothing to something glorious.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God started small like the oak tree to become one of the fastest growing churches in the world. The Redemption Camp where we were formerly situated started small to become one of the most habitable and people friendly modern communities and estates in Africa.

The radical step that transited us to this permanent site was borne out of the quest to expand our coast to fulfill  our ultimate destiny in God.

We are happy to inform our stakeholders that our relocation has become a major watershed. A major watershed in the sense that we can now as a citadel of learning begin to expand our programmes and lay the foundation for what will become a success story in the history of private universities in Africa.

Now that the stake is higher than when we started our journey in 2005,  we promise to commit more funds to fast-track rapid development on campus.

Remember that God by design has created us to solve problems and not to be part of the problem. Greatness is never attained overnight. Nations, Empires and people all over the world are known to attain greatness through their common resolve to work together towards achieving  a  common goal. Our own case will not be an exemption. Let us work together towards making Redeemer's University the very best in the world. Your devotion, support and involvement are needed to make this university great. May God bless you.

Professor Debo Adeyewa

Vice-Chancellor, Redeemer's University.

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