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From lab to studio in search of fame
News > Alumni      |      Posted: October 3, 2014 17:00:26pm GMT |      Views: 4330
Adegboyega Adeyemi
Adegboyega Adeyemi

Fast rising singer and saxophonist, Adegboyega Adeyemi, whose stage name is Adegboyega, is one artiste who takes pride in the originality of his works. The Physics Electronics graduate of the Redeemers University, Ogun State, says he has always been passionate about music, but had to satisfy his parents desire to see him conclude his formal education before taking to music fully.

“I never wanted to study Physics Electronics, but it was one bridge I had to cross, before I face my real path in life, which is music. Music is my thing,” he notes.

Describing his style of music as Afrocentric, the Ekiti State native says, it is a mixture of R n B, Pop and Afro beat, delivered through his Saxophone.                                    

While he admits that the Nigerian music industry has become very competitive, Adegboyega, affirms that his uniqueness will set him apart from the crowd.

“The Nigerian music industry is loaded with lots of creative artistes and the competition therein is tense. But having realized the need to be unique in the industry, I picked up and learnt to play the Saxophone as an instrument just so I stand out from the pack,” he says.

Drawing some comparison between his works and that of his music idol, the Afro-Beat singer, Femi Kuti, he says, “My style deviates from his in terms of content and delivery. Femi’s music touches on social vices and it is simply conveyed in afro beat. Mine on the other has a lot to do with the current music trends.”

With his singles, Ale Kan Pere, Patewo and After Round1, currently receiving airplay, the artiste appears to have his future plans set out already.

He says, “If I succeed in music, I will set up a studio. This will enable me to record my music with ease and then my lifestyle will change drastically. Then I will go for girls, girls and girls! and then show the love to my family in appreciation of their support so far.”

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