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Provoke Heaven Into Making A Wonderful Statement About Your Life.
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Verily I say unto you, wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world, this also that she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her".-Mark 14:9.

 This verse expresses the special commendation and everlasting prophecy made by Jesus Christ over a woman's unusual gift to Him.

Have you ever given your Maker or Saviour, something special too, whether as an offering, gift, or sacrifice?

What are your plans to provoke Heavens into making an unusual wonderful statement about you or your destiny?

Rather than focus and complain/ grumble about what you are yet to have, why not refocus on what you already have so that you can have reasons to give Him thanks?

People who count their blessings so that they can make such blessings count through expression of appreciation usually end up with lives that ultimately count/ matter to both man and God.

Those who discount God's blessings through expression of poor appreciation/giving attitude, inadvertently provoke over their future, a prophecy of either not-enough or barely enough, and Never more than enough. You never stand out in the hall of fame for the extra-ordinary by doing exactly what someone had already done. But by obeying a divine prompting/leading that makes you do the something extra/uncommon.
The woman in that verse gave in an unusual way, same way King Solomon gave the unusual offering too repeatedly (1 Kings 3:4, 8:5 & 62-64); to have their uncommon posterity blessings.

You can do same for you and your future by taking a concrete step today to start marking up/ stepping up with your expression of appreciation to God by consistently increasing your offerings/ gifts to Him, continuously, as He blesses you; use every achievement you/ your family has, to move up.
Part of the extra you can add is to progressively increase the normal offering with each of such achievements. Without reverting to the old offering regime.

May I add that, more of your talents, skills, time, money, and other resources/ valuables of yours, should be more readily available for God and His Kingdom's use; what's your take, Beloved?

Kindly note Friend, you can't out-give God, so He can never owe you. Give Him your life first and watch Him to transform you from a low estate to an enviable height; that's His speciality! (1 Cor 1:26-28, Rev 3:20, Jer 29:11 & Matt 11:28-30).

Give as input, the needful, for your expected output. It is equally a privilege to realize early in life that, each life will ultimately be assessed to express its worth, more by its Donation than its Duration; the lives of Jesus (33.5yrs) and Methuselah (969yrs), are worthwhile examples to learn from.

Again, permit me to reiterate; it is those who count their blessings so as to make them Count, who end up to count in life !

Your life will count and matter to both God and man in Jesus name.   Amen.                   

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