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The Triumph of Grace
News > On Campus      |      Posted: October 14, 2016 10:40:53am GMT |      Views: 1281
More pictures on MoU between the Cooperative Society and the University management team
More pictures on MoU between the Cooperative Society and the University management team

The Triumph of Grace
On the occasion of the execution of the MoU between the University and the Staff Cooperative Society

Today, 10th October, 2016 is quite historical. We are drawing the curtain over the crisis between the cooperative society and the University that has lingered for more than two (2) years.
First and foremost, my profound appreciation goes to our Great Redeemer, the Ultimate and Sovereign Lord of Redeemer’s University. Ultimately, all praise, glory and honour belongs to Him.
I would also like to acknowledge and appreciate the Principal Officers of the University for their maturity, longsuffering and large-heartedness. Special appreciation goes to all members of the University Governing Council (the Chairman, Pastor Tokunbo Adesanya and also in particular, Pastor E. A. Odeyemi) for the painstaking efforts to resolve the matter. Our gratitude also goes to the elders in the system, specifically, Prof. L. B. Kolawole for his fatherly roles in settling the matter.

Today, we are witnessing the triumph of grace over legality and of love over hatred.
I would like to draw our attention to several lessons that we could learn from the Redeemer’s University/Cooperative Society imbroglio:

1. The Redeemer Himself has prevailed.
2. Truth has eventually prevailed over falsehood.
3. It was an unnecessary and avoidable self-indulgent ego trip.
4. Redeemer’s University is not just another University; it runs on an immutable covenant.
5. Escalating and externalizing domestic issues will never work; resolving issues internally, and amicably as a family University is the best way forward.
6. There is no room for self-aggrandizement, attempts to unionize the system or obstinacy in the University.
7. Progress, growth and prosperity can only be achieved in an atmosphere of peace, humility,  mutual respect, conviviality in the spirit of the University Community Covenant.
8. God will reward those who seek the peace of their Jerusalem.

In conclusion, I would like to appreciate all who have contributed positively to the amicable resolution of the crisis. I heartily congratulate the present executive of the Redeemer’s University Staff Cooperative Society for this deal. We strongly advise the Executive to seek the growth and prosperity of the society, be conscious of the terms and conditions and make all efforts to avoid actions and inactions that would hurt the society.

Let me thank you for your kind attention.

Professor Z. Debo Adeyewa


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