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 It is my great honour to be part of the 8th convocation of Redeemers University, the convocation of the special graduands `the chosen generation’.

The visitor to the university, Pastor E A Adeboye, has always said that the Redeemers University is not just another university but one divinely ordained and inspired to make great contributions to humanity and to build a crop of young men and women who will change the world for God.

 In a few short years you have proved him exactly right.

 I wish to congratulate Gen Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, GCON, on his appointment and investiture today as the Chancellor of this great university. The reward for hard work is more hard work. Only recently, the President, President Muhammadu Buhari named him Chairman of the Presidential Committee on North East Initiatives to deal with the challenging task of of rebuilding the Northeast after the scourge of Boko Haram.

 It is gratifying to note that the university is priviledged to have this outstanding Nigerian to lead it to greater heights.

 I also felicitate with Dr George Valencia Samson, President and CEO of World Medical Relief, who has been conferred with an honourary degree today for his service to humanity in the area of health care.

 I also thank and congratulate Mr Dick Kramer, whose lecture has provided light and guidance in very difficult times.

 I also congratulate specially the two first Phds of the Redeemers University, Dr Adetola Bello and Dr Imisioluwa Ibikunle. I am glad to note that Redeemers University has grown from the mustard seed planted in 2005 to the great university of global relevance it has become.

 Permit me to go very quickly to commend the dynamic leadership of the VC, Prof Debo Adeyewa, who in these past few years has led the incredible physical and intellectual growth of this university. (Similarly,) congratulations to great scholars and the fine academics who make up the faculties here at Redeemers University. You have proved to be resourceful leaders at a crucial time in the history of our nation. Thank you for selflessly taking on the enormous task of guiding the present and inspiring the future.

 I rejoice also with parents and sponsors of graduands and join you in thanking the Almighty God for giving you the opportunity of witnessing this glorious day.

 Very quickly, let me say to the graduands, that only last week at the Presidential Villa, the President hosted the 1st Aso Villa Demo Day. This is a technology innovation competition in which over several thousands young Nigerian competed.

 Trials were held in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt and the 30 best innovators were invited to exhibit their inventions and products in Aso Rock. All 30 will now be given resources and opportunities to commercialise their innovations.

 Present at the Aso Villa Demo Day was Mark Zukerberg, the 32-year-old founder of Facebook. He originated Facebook at the age of 20 and has since become the 4th richest man in the world.

 But the more interesting part of the story is that the whole concept of the Aso Villa Demo Day  was developed and implemented by two young Nigerians who are also ex- students of this university, the Redeemers University –Adedeji Adeyemi and Mosope Olaosebikan. They both work with me as advisers on technology but none of them is a technology graduate. One of them is in fact a graduate of political science.

 And this brings me to my final point and word of advice for you graduating students. You must appreciate that this is the age of multi-tasking. You cannot just be an economist, a microbiologist, an engineer, an accountant, a graduate of international relations, or tourism studies or humanities of mass comm or performing arts.

 Multi-skilling, multi-tasking is the order of the day. The difference between your generation and ours is that in your generation you have opportunities to multi-task and you have all of what it takes to do more than one thing.

 Just like Deji and Mosope is another young lady who works with me Lolade Abiola, a 25 year old power expert. She graduated with a business degree but has since specialized in power and that is electrical power. She is also a trained helicopter pilot. She understands how to execute, how to make, to draw a business plan and to execute it.

 These are the kinds of people, the kinds of young men and women that this generation has brought forth and it is my very strong belief that you of the Chosen Generation must be stars. You must learn to be men and women of affairs, versatile operators, not mono-skill graduates.

 There are many opportunities and practically anything can be done today online. And whatever you chose to do, be technology-savvy and understand its best uses in your chosen discipline.

 Any student at all ought to be familiar with international trading platforms.
 So you should have a small trading account, follow the shares and stocks in the markets, read business and financial papers regularly. Business and Finance are not meant only for business and finance graduates. Understand money and how it works. Everyone has a right to be rich. Age is not a barrier.

 For those in performing and film arts, there are important opportunities here today, not just in actual performing but in effective management of talents, their programmes and products.

 Today, every good concept needs well trained managers who understand how the industry works and how to leverage in the entertainment value chain. The exciting thing is that anyone, even a microbiologist or a science student can be the next innovator in the entertainment industry. Such is the versatility of multi tasking. A new market for the performing arts but also for any other takers is animation, creating animated cartoons for movies, education, entertainment and advertising.

 It is a new growth area and it is attracting talents from every discipline including the fine arts, architecture, software writing, screenplay writing and others in film production generally. Companies like Spoidax Media, Origin GFX, Commotion Studios, Polstaks -all these are companies owned by very young Nigerians and are some of the front-runners in animation in Nigeria. One of the fast growing Nigerian animation companies was founded by a young lawyer, Ikem Isiekwena, who also, by the way, works with me.

 I have said and I think it bears repeating that great success belongs to the great, the bold, the diligent and the trustworthy. Many are too lazy to do the extra training and hour of research that good innovation requires. Talent is nothing if you are not diligent. Success comes from working, especially when you don’t feel like working.

 Secondly, integrity. You must be trustworthy. Integrity is the currency of business. If you borrow a little money and you don’t pay back, your lack of integrity will come back to hunt you when you need that crucial loan.
 If you work for someone even as a receptionist and you are slothful, sloppy or dishonest, you wont get a recommendation for a bigger opportunity.

 At the end of the day, promotion is about recommendation. I am by the grace of God Vice President because some people who I have worked with believed in me. If I stole their money or cheated them, I am almost certain I wouldn’t get this chance. It is really as simple as that.

 The word of God says that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, nor riches for men of understanding, but time and chance happens to make them all. But who controls time and chance? It is the Almighty God. So, I pray for you that the Lord will cause time and chance to favour you in Jesus name. Amen.

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