Alumni  Certificates and transcripts
Certificates and Transcripts



a) The processing fee for transcripts is graduated as follows:

e-copy - N 12,000.00 Naira
Addresses within Nigeria - N 12,000.00 Naira
Addresses in Europe/Africa - N 20,000.00 Naira
Addresses in USA/Canada/Far Europe/Asia - N 25,000.00 Naira

b) Request for the attachment of other documents to transcripts may attract additional charges, depending on the weight of the additional documents.

c) Request for transcripts by an undergraduate (student who intends to withdraw, or has voluntarily withdrawn his/her studentship) shall be preceded by submission of an official letter/notice of withdrawal of studentship along with a clearance form, duly signed by the designated Officer of the Directorate of Students’ Services and Development.

d) Evidence of payment of the processing fee is required before any transcripts shall be processed.

e) Students/graduates are advised to apply for their transcripts in good time, bearing in mind the deadlines as the case may be.

f) Transcripts are not hand-delivered or collected by individuals/applicants.



Payment Should Be Made Only Online Henceforth Before Completing The Application Form.

(CALL : Mrs. B. E. Dairo on 0808-758-3561, Mr. Z. O. Ogunkanmi on 0802-760-7970 or SEND A MAIL: and/or )  for clarifications before making payments.

i.) To apply for transcript, kindly click on this link:

ii.) Write to the Registrar, requesting for your transcripts/academic records to be forwarded to a designated corporate address (an institution or organization NOT individual); in your application above.

iii.) Make payment and attach evidence of payment of the processing fee to your application in (i).

iv.) You can track and confirm approval.




For further enquires please contact the following officers; Mr. Z. O. Ogunkanmi on 0802-760-7970, Mrs. B. E. Dairo on 0808-758-3561